But some of my best friends are…

That should be the title of the new Clinton ad targeting Latinos in Texas.


I heard she managed to go back on the show only 6 people watch. Lorne Green (Animal Kingdom?) Lorne Michaels doesn’t even watch the show. He’s like, “Damn, my show is lame. I wonder if Lifetime has Designing Women on. Dang. It’s not. Oh well, I better go scrub my toilets. At least that is fun.”

Eddie Murphy, Will Ferrell, Dana Carvey…they all took SNL off their resumes. It’s like a huge gap, “And then I, uh…moved to NYC. Why? Oh. Ah. Ummmmmm. Sick friend?”

Can someone explain to me how you can film a show in New York City and manage not to have a single black person on the show? Especially when you used to have black people on the show? Don’t tell me there ain’t no funny black people in NYC. I personally know 9 black comedians who live in NYC and they are freakin’ hilarious. So white guy in almost blackish face. Yeah SNL. Fucking hilarious. Is Jane Hamsher doing makeup for you now?


Watched V for Vendetta last night. Finally. Netflix sent that to me in August 2006.


Right…I’ve been busy. Okay, well part of it was the disc actually got lost in the move and then I just didn’t want to watch it and now I want my Bollywood Workout disc so I have to send it in.

Anyway. It was a good movie. A lot more enjoyable than the comics. V was a lot more fun on film. The last time I read the book form was probably about ’94 so a lot of stuff I don’t remember any more. I also think that just living in our current political climate made it a bit more urgent. The funniest thing is, as I mentioned yesterday, I’m rereading Woken Furies by Richard K. Morgan. There’s a scene at the beginning of the book where a woman walks into a bar and her hair is uncovered. The religious police show up and try to arrest her for being an uncovered female in a bar. Our hero Takeshi Kovacs comes to her rescue. I remember the first time reading that, thinking it was a hat tip to some comic I had read before, but I thought it was Sin City or something.


4 thoughts on “But some of my best friends are…

  1. It just got away from me. First I was tired of watching movies, then I didn’t want to watch anything “heavy”, then it was buying the house, moving, trying to fix up the house…and well, I’m thinking that’s probably the most expensive movie ever.

    Now I’m looking at my queue and it says Hitchhiker’s Guide is still out and I know I mailed that back in in Feb. 2007 because I bought the movie in Dec. 2006. The strange thing is that it was off my Movies Out list throughout most of 2007 and it popped back up there in Oct. 2007.


  2. LOVE your blog!!!

    Go Obama!!

    I work for the Obama campaign in my county, so obviously I am a HUGE supporter. It’s so nice to find another blogging supporter!!

    Hope you don’t mind If I link you! 🙂


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