No disco for you!

This is what I had to tell the girl because she wouldn’t take a nap. I’m sorry but that ain’t even normal. It’s not even in the neighborhood of normal. To fully understand just what she’s whining about take a look a little lady’s newest obsession:

You can thank my husband for that one. He kept singing the song and had to find it. Ilia fell in love. I think she watched the clip like 5 times in a row.

Speaking of bad disco music from foreign, she’s also convinced that Boney M. made songs for me and daddy.

Clearly, this is daddy’s song

Here’s my song…

It’s clear that she has interesting taste in music. Her newest things she likes are punk rock and The Specials. She thinks The Specials sing Halloween songs (Ghost Town). Hey, even though I’m not a Boney M. fan, I can’t complain. It could be worse, she could like current pop music or hip-hop.


One thought on “No disco for you!

  1. If we put your kids and my kids in a room together and left them alone can you imagine the little kid crazy music group we would have when we came back?!?!?!


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