ELECTION ’08: March 4th is here

I’m nervous.  I can’t even focus on today.  I fully expect Obama to lose all 4 contests.  I’m prepared for that.

The Clinton’s campaign has dominated every news cycle these past couple of weeks on the strength of whining lies and negative press.  The lowball tactic of lying is a total turnoff and I can’t believe people are 1) seriously addressing these lies and 2) willing to ignore them to vote these two back in office.


I’ve been seeing different numbers for who is going to win today in these contests and of course, the polls are crazy.  I still find it amazing that in two short weeks Sen. Obama went from a 30+ deficit in Texas to leading in some polls.  Ohio, he went from a 27 point deficit to a 4 point deficit.  That’s simply amazing.

Like I said, I won’t even begin to guess.  I’m a Democrat and I’m used to disappointment.  I am eagerly looking forward to the spin.  If Obama wins the “big” states of Texas and Ohio, I would love to hear the Hillbots and Mark Penn how much those states don’t count or how a primary and caucus are unfair.  If the Clinton’s win those states even by a 1pt. margin, I know that the spin will be how Clinton “came back” even though she lead with 25+ points two weeks ago and 11 – 15 points one week ago.

Whatever they come up with, they’ll figure out someway to push the firewall back (for the 5th time) to April 22nd when Pennsylvania votes.  Man, I’m dumbstruck by the size of these egos.   So, just be prepared for 7 weeks of Clinton lies, whines and turd drops.


Word on the street blogs is that the Obama campaign has up to 50 superdelegate endorsements to roll out starting today.  Considering that the Clinton’s have lost 4 superdelegates in 2 days (one died though), I can’t wait to see how many they’ll announce these next few days.
Also, remember how the Clinton’s campaign announced that they raised $35M for Feb.?  Which is still less than what Obama raised in January, but we’ll set that aside for now…anyway, I’ve read that the Obama campaign is set to announce they raised between $40 – $50M for February.  I even saw in one news article that it was up to $75M, though that’s just ridiculous, IMO.


Uh.  Oh yeah, the GOP is also having primaries in the same states.  McCain is leading by a million points, so we should be happy that we won’t have Pastor President Huckabee.  No Handmaiden’s Tale for us.  Yet.


9 thoughts on “ELECTION ’08: March 4th is here

  1. Driving me freaking crazy today as well. My cuticles are so messed up from picking at them from the nerves. What I really hate is sitting back and not being able to vote in Ohio. Why’d I ever change my registration from Oh to DC? I knew that my vote meant so much more in Ohio than in DC. Why oh why?


  2. I started receiving emails from the Obama campaign about organizing here in PA last week, so you can at least rest assure that if Hillary doesn’t bow out today as she should, the Obama campaign is ready for her.


  3. For ONCE I don’t have some flipping ass meeting to go to tonight so I get to watch returns! I know what you mean about being prepared for the worst though – kinda like Cubs fans 🙂


  4. I have been a nervous wreck for two days. And then today I spent over an hour searching for my voter registration card without success. Luckily you can vote in Texas without the card (as the registration records are very good and a valid ID will suffice). I cast my vote for Obama, got my voting receipt, and now I am planning to go back at 7:00 for the precinct caucus (only those that have proof that they voted can participate).

    The caucus should not be very eventful. Here’s a quick description of the precinct caucus. There will be no debate over candidates. Everything really depends on how many people show up for the caucus. When signing in for the caucus, people have to indicate their “preference” for President (including “uncommitted”). The number of additional delegates each precinct can elect has already been determined (based on voter turnout in the gubernatorial election two years ago). The total number of people at the precinct caucus is divided by the number of delegates to be elected. That number is the minimum number for a caucus for a given candidate. Then the percentage of the total participants represented by the number of people who signed in as preferring a given candidate will be used to determine how many delegates that candidate will receive. That means if one candidate has a much larger number of people there, that candidate will receive a greater proportion of the total delegates for the precinct. Provided those preferring a given candidate have the minimum number of people necessary, those people will “caucus” to elect delegates representing that candidate to go to the county convention. The county convention then elects delegates to the state convention, and the additional delegates (as in those not determined by the primary vote) are finally determined at the state convention.

    Now isn’t that simple?

    Now on top of being nervous, I have a case of tired head. LOL


  5. Last bit I saw Obama had VT, Ohio was too close to call and wobbling between him and the Hillpill all day.

    I’ll probably get it wrong, but I think he’ll take all 4. Hopeful thinking on my part.

    Hillpill needs to drop out before she divides the party further. Plus if she keeps lobbing cheap shots at Obama she’ll arm his opponents and Nader with ammo to take him down. Will she let reason reign or vanity rule?


  6. I feel ya… Like most big primary evenings, I find myself hovering near my laptop, refreshing the CNN page to see the percentages change ***what a nerd***

    I can’t help it!! I SO WANT OBAMA TO WIN that it hurts. And I have supported him since before he even declared, so it feels like that case of when you love an obscure band and then everyone discovers them? But in this case it’s a case thing because I want others to like him instead of wishing it was still my unique secret.


    And thanks WCharles & Chicana Skies, I’m glad to hear that folks in the “still important” states are paying attention. I am nursing my wounds in Cali that Obama didn’t take it and wishing I could double-vote!!

    Back to CNN…


  7. LOL@spleen…I’m in CA too and I totally know what you mean.

    @frazgo: I know how you feel about Clinton, unfortunately, the spin tonight is that Clinton has momentum. As I blogged earlier, they’re moving the firewall.

    @WC: I know that I won’t see TX totals tonight, but it’s nerve-wracking to see those numbers change. I’ve see blog posts from all over TX about the caucus numbers and even that is nerve-wracking!

    @bobina, I’m glad you’re able to be home.

    @chicanaskies: I hope you volunteer.

    @BG: Yeah, why did you change registration? HAHAHA


  8. YES, WHY, did I? UGH!!

    I will note that my hometown was shut down yesterday, the Tuesday ice storm caused a massive power outage and most businesses and schools were closed because of it.

    Okay, I’m ready now for MS and WY. And anyone see ABC news last night? They did the calculator showing what if she got 55% in each of the last 12 elections (and followed that up with, “that’s very unlikely”) and showed that she is too far behind to win. They did it for Obama then and showed he’s just shy of the total he needs. Then they showed the Republican governor tell the DNC (“big wigs in Washington, blah, blah, blah”) that they should seat the Florida delegation. Um, no, absolutely not! I’m not having a member of the opposition party tell me or my party who to seat or not.

    Other than that piece, the ABC bt was overall pretty accurate. It was like they were reading the blogs!!!


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