ELECTION ’08: March 4th Votes

Biggest laugh of the night: Hillary Clinton trying to portray herself as a making a comeback in her OH win.  Okay, there’s two here, in her speech tonight, Clinton copied Howard Dean’s Iowa speech.

Biggest glee of the night: Mike Huckebee dropping out of the race.

Biggest snore of the night: John McCazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. McCain.

Biggest shock of the night: Barack Obama won a state.


Yes, it amuses me to no end that even though Clinton was leading in OH by 27 points two weeks ago, 11 – 14 points last week, down to 1pt. and back up to 4 – 11 pts. depending on the poll, there was never a chance of Obama winning OH. So, if in some deluded world, that’s a comeback, then fine. Just don’t expect me to jump on board with that narrative when I’m reality based.

I’m also finding it funny that MSNBC is plugging running with SNL. Keep in mind that SNL is show on NBC, so it makes since that MSNBC would hype it, but really, no one watches SNL, so I doubt that had any effect. Speaking of MSNBC, the weirdest thing is the swift change in narrative. For the past two weeks, on up until just a few hours ago, MSNBC showed us “the math” and how there’s no way the Clinton’s can get more delegates than Obama. Then the Clinton’s talking points went out. The talking points are that Clinton’s on a “comeback” (in these states where she polled ahead) and that the momentum is with Clinton. MSNBC picked it up big time and now they’re running with that.

And this all ties into the Clinton’s whining about the press. Every time the Clinton’s farted, this past week, the media was there to dissect it to death. Meanwhile, we saw that Obama’s responses were ignored or mentioned in passing. As I mentioned earlier, the Clinton’s have dominated the news cycle with the media bending over backwards to make it seem like they’re not being unfair to them (?) they’ve managed to ignore the clear winner of the previous 11 races. It’s like in class, when the teacher spent most of the day focused on that one obnoxious kid and the rest of the kids in class just gets ignored. So, it was amazing to hear Noron ask the panel at MSNBC, if the Obama campaign just couldn’t get their message out, for whatever reason.

Cackling Noron asked that for serious.

Remember that earlier this morning or yesterday, I mentioned that the Clinton’s campaign would move the firewall. It’s was pushed to Pennsylvania (Apr. 22) earlier in the night, and in Clinton’s speech, it was “all the way”. That means June. Is anyone else craving the day where you won’t ever have to hear Clinton’s voice again? It’s never bothered me before, but these past two weeks, it’s nails on the chalkboard and I’m done.

So, we have Wyoming on Saturday and Mississippi next Tuesday. Looks like we have something to look forward to, then.


11 thoughts on “ELECTION ’08: March 4th Votes

  1. I’m not sure if you saw this, bu I left this comment on your other post.

    I anticipated this on my blog:


    If you find yourself in a debate with a Clinton supporter. If you find yourself disoriented because of all of the Clinton spin. Just stop . . . take a deep breath . . . and ask . . .


    It’s as simple as that folks. Ask that question and DEMAND that they give you a plausible game plan wherein Hillary can comeback and take the delegate lead without:

    1. Seating the MI and FL delegates after the DNC specifically said that they would not count; and

    2. Using super delegates to reverse the will of the people.

    If they can’t do that, then DEMAND that they tell you EXACTLY why Hillary Clinton should stay in the race knowing that every attack she makes from here forward will do no more than add ammunition for the Republican party.

    Beware! You will be called a “hater.” You will be called arrogant. Don’t be swayed. At the end of the theatrics and philosophical talk about “swing states,” and “big states,” just ask, “WHAT ABOUT THE MATH?”

    And if someone should create some outlandish (although mathematically possible) scenario. Get it in writing. Send it to every news outlet you know. And DEMAND that the media hold her to that standard!

    Stop moving the goal posts! Do NOT let her steal this!


  2. B-serious
    You don’t mind if I grab this for my blog? As I pointed out over there the Texas primary is at best difficult to understand. The assignment of delegates in the Texas primary requires a logic that’s beyond me. (See my article on Fuzzy Texas math) Based upon some magical formula involving the black and hispanic votes relative to the 2004 and 2006 elections.??
    And from what they said on MSNBC it will be a while before all the votes will be counted. There’s still the mail in votes. And as has been said Hillary might have won Texas and Ohio but not the delegates.
    Pennsylvania the next biggy, from what I’ve heard is leaning to Hillary but there are a few primaries before that.


  3. I’m so disappointed in my home state today. Yeah, I know it was a huge long shot to win my home state, but come on!!

    For the first time in an election, my mother didn’t vote. The ice storm in my hometown was so bad that she simply wouldn’t risk her life for the school levy and a primary. My dad voted and I think he voted for Obama, but I don’t know. Everyone I know back home voted for Obama, but clearly, it wasn’t enough. Clearly the problem is that I don’t know enough people in Ohio anymore.

    When I get e-mails from my Clinton supporting friend from SC, I’m going to use B-Serious’s info.

    And Obama, kick ass in WY and MS!!!


  4. demeur and Bendygirl:

    Feel free to spread it. Also, feel free to visit my blog and tell your friends about it.

    Obama has got to take control of this thing. Hillary Clinton has been allowed to make the unacceptable acceptable. That’s what happens when you’re allowed to keep moving the goal posts. She’s spun it so that the standard for Obama is perfection (11 straight wins) and that any loss (even a loss in a state where she lead by 20%) is somehow a sign of “buyer’s remorse.”

    We’ve allowed her to move the posts so much that we’ve lost all sense of the Democratic process for picking a nominee. We pick our nominee based on delegates. Hillary cannot give you a mathematically plausible scenario in which she overtakes Obama in pledged delegates. Her only hope is to seat MI and FL (change the rules) and use the super delegates to overrule the choice of the people. This is undemocratic – there’s NO WAY around that. And Obama better do his job and make it clear just how undemocratic it actually is.

    Now we’re supposed to give her the nomination because she won the “right” states??? States that are important because she says so??? Last time I checked, Missouri, Wisconsin, and Colorado were swing states. And you’ll have a hard time convincing me that Obama can’t win Democratic strongholds like New York, California and Massachusetts.

    Her arguments are not based in fact. They are based in spin. And the only reason they hold water is because we have 24-hour news networks filled with pundits who have nothing better to do than pontificate on political hypotheticals. HER ARGUMENTS FOR THE NOMINATION DON’T MAKE SENSE. Hold her feet to the fire!

    Another thing. Hillary Clinton has been successful in getting the public to mistake familiarity for “experience.” People don’t necessarily think she’s more experienced – it’s just that we’ve seen her face and heard her name for the past two decades. We’re familiar with her, but that does not mean that she’s more experienced. Obama needs to get the media to call her on her ish.

    Take away her last name . . . take away her husband . . . where is her experience? What jobs did she create? What crisis did she manage? The questions are endless so long as you don’t buy her BS about “35 years of experience.” She’s been calling Obama an empty suit. Well, it’s time we see just how “empty” Hillary actually is.

    Seriously, the next time your arguing with a Clinton supporter, turn the tables. Spring it on them and ask, “Name me 2 or 3 things she’s done as a senator” . . . “name me a crisis she’s handled.” You’ll get the same blank look that they accuse Obama supporters of having when asked the same question.

    And don’t let them weasel out of it. Focus on Hillary specifically. Don’t let them tell you what her husband did.

    Finally, don’t let her get away with destroying the party. You know that comment she made about John McCain having experience and Obama just having a speech? That comment where Hillary basically ranked Obama below herself AND John McCain? Obama or his surrogates should make her wear that comment like a Scarlett letter. He should hound her as to her intentions and motives and DEFINE her as being all about herself and not about the Party. Why else would she say such a thing. Make her APOLOGIZE; take responsibility for giving John McCain his first campaign commercial to use against Obama in the fall. And frame it the right way (she’s good at throwing stuff back). When has Obama EVER praised a Republican at Hillary’s expense. Is that what Democrats do? Is that who we want to be our nominee?

    Obama cannot give the Clintons an inch. He needs to challenge her on every single issue; on every single statement. He needs to challenge her claims of media bias; challenge her on the war; challenge her “experience.”

    He also needs to get out there on the tv. I swear, I couldn’t turn my head without seeing Hillary on some tv show. Obama can do that. The people think you’re a rock star, Obama. Give them what they want. . . MORE OBAMA! I think it’s time to schedule an hour long heart-to-heart with your pal, Oprah.

    Most importantly, he needs to stop letting the Clintons set the rules of engagement. He needs to set a standard for Hillary and hold her to it.

    You’re welcome to visit my blog:



  5. Um, I totally agree. T O T A L L Y! Time for some re-framing and get yourself out there more and in different ways. It’s also time for those undecided super delegates to come out for him, he’s got more pledged delegates and that’s what matters, isn’t it?

    I’ve also blogrolled you on my sight. I don’t get much traffic, but you never know. Mostly, I get folks from the unions or people searching for union related items like Aramark, strikes, apprenticeship programs, etc… Once I’ve calmed down a little more I’ll put up a post on yesterday and pull in your analysis. Thanks.


  6. What a race this is, huh?

    My state (PA) will be soon, and I am part of the campaign… looks like my fellow volunteers and I have our work cut out for us!

    It’s so exciting though.

    Thank you SO MUCH for your participation in my online party last night! It was fun!!


  7. Great analysis, B-Serious! With your permission, I would like to reprint it on my blog.

    And as for the TV appearances, I am really pissed at “The Daily Show” for giving Hillary–and only Hillary–free air time the night before the vote.


  8. I just did visit your blog, and I am going to try to direct my “oh so vast” readership to it. Every little bit helps, and we just don’t know how far our reach might actually be. 🙂


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