Where to go?

I have credit for plane tickets on Southwest and I need to use them by August. As of now, we don’t have the money to go anywhere, but Southwest just announced their low fare sale. So, instead of going to Kansas City, where we’ll have free rooms, I’m thinking of somewhere else. I can get to Chicago, DC, Seattle or New Orleans…or we can leave the kids here and go to Hawaii. Yeah, that last one won’t happen. Ilia is eager to go to Chicago, since she thinks we’ll see Sen. Obama there. Weirdo. I kinda want to go to DC. Seattle sounds interesting and we could stay with family and/or friends, but it seems like it will be cold in April.

Then I have to consider hotel and transportation. I’ll need to get a suite for all 4 of us, or two adjoining rooms. I’ve let my AAA membership lapse, so there’s no discount there. I know rooms in Chicago are pricey, but I also have family there. I heard that rooms in DC are every pricier. Getting around in all these cities should be a piece of cake, right? They all have public transportation that doesn’t suck.

This is a hard decision. I know the kids will love Chicago, but I really want to go to the Smithsonian Museum. I also think that Seattle would be fun for us all and the kids can meet my uncle and some cousins along with friends and their kids.

What to do, what to do?


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  1. looking for rooms? Now, you know DC is wmokefree, right? No restaurants, bars, etc… You’re always welcome to stay with us (In june the kid goes to visit her dad) in DC. Yep, I mean free. I also leave right next to the metro so no driving. If you take Southwest, you can take a bus from BWI airport to the Greenbelt metro and then all the way to my place near Capitol Hill. I’m also a tourguide for the capitol and can arrange for some tours. And we’d have to go to my favorite restaurants here, Ben’s Chili Bowl (a local civil rights site with burgers and half smokes) and this amazing Italian restaurant in Cleveland Park not to mention walking to Eastern Market for fresh food or taking the bus a block from my house over to the warf. Oh, and did I mention I live near the new stadium? Hmm, that means we can go up to the roof for a home game with binoculars and a radio and see all the action!

    You are always welcome to come visit. Always. I think I might even be able to get a couple of union folks to give you tours of their offices as well or hit maybe the union film series if you plan it just right!!


  2. I LOVE CHICAGO – Ilia is such a natural born cool person! But I was raised right near DC & know the ropes. I think the kids are at the age where the visual imagery of DC would remain in their minds more strongly than that of Chicago. DC’s metro is very easy and cheap to use. The National Mall, the Capital building, the Lincoln Memorial, the reflecting pools, Smithsonian–the Air & Space – the big elephant, Dorothy’s slippers. Hotels are expensive, though…we’ll have to brainstorm about that.
    Yay! A trip!


  3. Oh BG, you’re tempting me. I have to fly into Dulles if we go. How far away is that? Keep in mind we’ll have to bring a stroller for the boy and we I overpack.

    Ruth, I’m wondering about that. Ilia really wants to see the Bean in person and the Chicago Blues Festival is the same time we’d go. We watch so many movies set in Chicago and then she wants me to show her the pictures I took last August. I do think DC will have a lot to offer and I’m trying to explain to her that we’d probably have a better chance of meeting Obama in DC than Chicago.


  4. Over packing shouldn’t be an issue. You’d have run of the place, when I’m not sleeping. I have a 2bdrm 2bth apartment in the building and if we felt cramped, I could stay with my friend Jeff, a Super Delegate. I say that only because it makes me laugh to call him a SUPER DELEGATE, it’s like he should have x-ray vision and a cape!!

    Dulles has a shuttle bus to West Falls Church metro, however, Southwest has flights into BWI, are they now running a Dulles service? They partner with air tran (I think) to provide flights into DCA. Dulles is about a 30 minute plus commute using the Washington Flyer and it’s $16 per person round trip plus you’ll need another $4ish from West Falls Church metro (orange line) to get to the Navy Yard metro (green line). BWI is cheaper and faster, but I suppose there are no direct flights into there (that totally sucks).

    And, Newseum will be re-opening next month, too. So, little one could make her own news broadcast!! http://www.newseum.org/
    2008 General Admission Rates Purchase now
    • Adults (13 to 64): $20
    • Seniors (65 and older): $18
    • Youth (7 to 12): $13
    • Children (6 and younger): Free

    It was free just 5 years ago, but a new building and funding drying up seems to have made it necessary for them to charge.


  5. DC! I’m from DC! April – cherry blossoms! End of March through mid April is the cherry blossom festival. Gorgeous time to go. All the museums are awesome.


  6. In April, Seattle is in full bloom – but still gray and overcast. The time to visit Seattle is from June through, oh, September or October. Lots of sunny skies (shhhh… it’s a secret), a freaky-cool mountain dominating the horizon, daylight until 9PM…


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