Lost: Season 4 Episode 6 tonight

I can only imagine what tonight’s episode brings us.  I think that there are 7 people in the world who saw Lost last week who weren’t touched by that episode.  I freely admit that I teared up watching it.  Especially the end.  I thought I cried when Hurley told Claire that Charlie was dead, but Claire didn’t seem upset enough afterwards and she’s moved on, cause she’s got a house.  I’m not a Desmond fan, and thought that bringing him on was silliness.  Of course, season 3 gave Desmond a larger role and we learned a lot, but I never cottoned to him. Maybe it’s because of his ManBoobs always busting out of his shirt.  How the hell does every other guy on the show manages to wear a t-shirt, but Desmond has to wear a button-down, that he can’t even button up?

Tangent.  Sorry.

Out of this season, The Constant (ep. 5) ranks right behind The Economist (ep. 3) as some of the best written TV ever.  I thought the writers shot their load on the first episode of the season, but damn it just keeps getting better and better.  Probably because we’ve been spared a lot of whiny-assed Jack and that insipid pinched face of Juliet.

If it’s not clear to the writers, that I don’t like these characters let me say this:  Please, for the love of all that is good and holy, bring back a damn polar bear to eat those two. Let them both get caught in one of Rousseau’s traps, let some gay mountain-climbing right-wing separatist faction of The Others kill those two.  Hell, I’ll settle for one of Locke’s knives in their backs.

I want them gone.

So, if tonight doesn’t have Jack or Juliet in it, I’ll be pretty happy.  I miss Hurley, Claire and Rose and Bernard.  Hell, I even miss Michael constantly screaming out for Walt.  All I know about tonight is that it’s called The Other Woman.  But if it focuses on any of these people, that’ll be alright by me.

It’s hard being on the West Coast because I don’t want to inadvertently read something on what’s going to happen.  What makes us even lamer is that even though the show starts at 9pm, despite our eagerness and constant whining of “Is it Thursday, yet?” we don’t watch the show until 9:30 or 10pm due to the kids, dinner and our inability to actually sit through a commercial.  Remember we watched the first 3 season in disc, so we didn’t to be bothered by ads for ABC shows.  It also pains me that I’m encouraging ABC by watching the show on their channel, but I can’t be a total liberal purist and expect to be able to live in this world.  After all look at the industry I work in?  Bleeech.


4 thoughts on “Lost: Season 4 Episode 6 tonight

  1. I’m 4 episodes behind. I babysat for my nephew on Valentine’s Day and my brother’s cable was out. And I haven’t had time to catch up since then. It’s driving me crazy not to know what’s going on!


  2. Oh Shayera, don’t read this post! I guess there should be a spoiler warning up there.

    WM: You know I was pissed when I saw who it featured and how she didn’t die. I was like, “Why oh why did I have to blog about this? I jinxed myself!”


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