What $1400 looks like

The other day, when they got home, Ilia jumps out of the car, “Daddy hit something!”. Daddy said, “I just knocked the side-view. You know how loud that is.” Ilia kept saying, “We need a new car.” (For the record, she wants an SUV because she says we need more room. Who’s kid is this?)

We kept telling her to be quiet, so she loudly announced, “I’m going to look at it.” Daddy said, “There’s nothing to look at. I just knocked the window.” Screeches and Ilia said, “It’s BROKEN! We need a new car!!!” Daddy walked over to look and quickly stiffened. “Oh my…fu…sh…Dang.”

I walked over to see what the problem was. OMG. That’s not just knocking the side view! What the hell did he hit? I’m still unclear, Faboo Papa doesn’t take blame easily, so I got a lot of how it wasn’t his fault, but unclear as to what he hit exactly. That was Saturday. On Sunday, I had to shoot a site in Glendale. I drove there with the dangling side-view. Dangerous. Fast as I drive? And considering the car has a major blind spot on that entire side, even with an operable side-view, it was hair-raising on the freeway. I got back home after a few hours had to go back out. Needless to say, the side-view was still dangling, so I (you know the person not in the car at the time) had to get some duct tape and “fix” the side-view.

Monday and Tuesday came an went like we had a completely intact car. Pffft. I (you know the person not in the car at the time) took the car to the body shop to get an estimate. Found out that I can get an new paint job for $1100 too. I just may get my baby blue MINI Cooper.


5 thoughts on “What $1400 looks like

  1. Heck, these days he might have just banged the side mirror against something. Cars are so freeking flimsy.

    That’s one reason I like beaters. Who cares if it gets another dent? Who’s going to steal it? Why pay $$$$$$ to the insurance leeches?


  2. Seriously,that is a move my husband(no big deal just hit the side view)has made except his dumb ass took it a step further. My genius husband took my car(it’s an SUV alert Ilia,we will come by the next time we are in CA and take her for a spin) wrecked the side and tore of the mirror and then did not ,mention it until I went to leave the next day. In fact he tried to convince me that perhaps the damage had been done by neighborhood kids armed with bats. Really,kids..armed with bats….leaving streaks or red paint and scratches down the side…..oh and we park in our garage?!!?!!I will say that he didn’t really try to sell me this story with a straight face or anything but still. Sorry about the car,that sucks but maybe you will get your new paint job out of it. Luckily you have those super slick new kicks so you can just run around town(snickering at the image of you running ,literally,around LA) to do whatever you need to.


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