ELECTION ’08: Obama wins Wyoming

I spent a glorious summer winter day at the beach, knowing that when I got home polls in Wyoming would be closing and Obama would win. And he did. That makes 26 states for him now, 27 if you count Texas, which he winning delegate-wise.

Obama won 59 percent, or 4,459 votes, to Clinton’s 40 percent, or 3,081 votes, on Saturday with 22 of Wyoming’s 23 counties reporting. Twelve delegates were at stake. Obama already has a lead in the overall race for nominating convention delegates.

Obama generally has outperformed Clinton in caucuses, which reward organization and voter passion more than do primaries. The Illinois senator has now won 13 caucuses to Clinton’s three.

Makes you wonder…the Clinton’s campaign argues that caucuses are undemocratic, so does that include the ones they won too? Hmmmm…

Anyway, we’re off to Mississippi (does anyone think ‘em-eye-ess-ess-eye-ess-ess-eye-humpback-humpback-eye‘ when you spell that state?) on Tuesday, which also has Obama slated to win. Rasmussen has:

Mississippi Democratic Primary
Barack Obama 53%
Hillary Clinton 39%
Not Sure 8%

I highly suggest you read Rasmussen’s findings. You’ll see what Clinton’s GOP tactics are doing to the party and our subsequent nominee.

Final total:

Democrats  |  Polls | County Results
Candidate Votes % of votes Delegates won
Obama 5,378 61% 0
Clinton 3,312 38% 0
Uncommitted 63 1%  
100% of precincts reporting

2 thoughts on “ELECTION ’08: Obama wins Wyoming

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  2. Well of course the caucuses that Obama won are undemocratic. Moreover, they are a threat to the greatest right we could ever have in this great democracy. Using the establishment and power elite (the superdelegates) to overturn the will of the people, on the other hand, helps preserve our great democracy.

    …was that too much sarcasm? Or not enough?


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