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What are you doing April 4th? Nothing? Great? Then you can attend the opening night of LACMAs Friday Night Jazz series. Most of you are aware that I’ve been attending these Friday night concerts for the last 8 years. Why not join me and my family? Not only can we all meet each other, but it will be interesting to get various viewpoints on the same concert.

LACMA changes the rules every year, so off the top of my head, items you can’t bring: food, alcohol and your own chairs. I’m assuming that I won’t be stuck in Aliso Viejo or Fontana on a Friday afternoon. You can buy food at the restaurant and cafeteria onsite, they also have bars set up in the courtyard. However, last year, the beer and wine sold at the bar was $0.50 – $1 more than in the cafeteria.

The event starts at 6pm and ends at 8pm. We usually wind up at Farmers Market or Koreatown afterwards in the cooler months. During the summer, we usually frolic around Hancock Park. Early arrival is necessary to secure chairs and tables. I plan to get there to secure tables around 5pm. If you choose to visit the museum while there, you will have to pay to enter.

So, besides meeting other bloggers what can you expect? Here’s the opening act for the season:

Ernie Andrews
April 4th, 2008

The 2008 Friday Night Jazz season opens with one of jazz’s living legends and L.A. treasures, vocalist Ernie Andrews. For over sixty years, Andrews has been thrilling audiences around the globe with hits recorded with such giants as Harry James, Cannonball Adderly, Gene Harris and Ray Brown. In a recent review, Los Angeles Times critic Don Heckman said, “[H]e blends a hard-swinging, outgoing vocal style with a quick-witted sense of humor . . . he does so with a rich timbre, a gift for drama and a singular capacity to stimulate an audience.”

So. Are you in? Email me.


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  1. Sounds fantastic – thanks for spreading the word. Not sure if my work schedule will allow – but I’ll see what happens.
    Thanks, FAB! If it ever looks like I can make it, I’ll email you.


  2. Well, I hope you all can make it. Every March, it gets nice and warm and on Friday nights we’re left wondering what to do. Then we say, “Oh, let’s go to LACMA!” and remember that it doesn’t start until April.


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