ELECTION ’08: MSNBC calls Mississippi for Obama

That was fast. My TV’s been on for 3 minutes.

So…since there were black people and Clinton lost, Mississippi must be added to the contests that don’t count for Clinton.

There’s no numbers, so I guess they’re working off exit polls:

Vote by Party and Race

White Democrats (24%)

Clinton 74%
Obama 24%

White Independents (13%)

Clinton 59%
Obama 39%

Black Democrats (44%)

Clinton 10%
Obama 90%

All Republicans (13%)

Clinton 78%
Obama 22%

So, you can see that even with whites overwhelming voting for Clinton, she still lost in MS. Did you see those Republican numbers? They want her as the nominee so bad.

Democrats  |  Polls | County Results
Candidate Votes % of votes Delegates won Projected winner
Barack Obama 247,456 60% 15
Hillary Clinton 153,745 37% 12  

2 thoughts on “ELECTION ’08: MSNBC calls Mississippi for Obama

  1. The numbers are a bit strange. Everywhere I look I get different numbers. The latest from Texas puts the delegate count for Obama ahead of Clinton. She won the primary but lost the caucuses. But if you dig into the info on some of these primarys and caucuses you find that final results must go through more hoops. This is sounding more like buying a car than an election.


  2. The problem is extrapolation. We get the numbers from the media, the day of the election and it’s guesswork. A month or so later, the states certify the elections. That’s why Obama picked up a bunch of delegates from CA and Clinton lost a bunch between Feb. 5th and recently certified elections.

    In regards to TX, I feel we have something of vote tampering/suppression (?) going on. I’ll have a post on that soon enough.


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