Lost Madness

Today, we hit the Sweet 16 in Lost Madness. Don’t forget to make your picks!

I have some things to do (read my newspaper and have coffee), but when I come back I’ll flesh this out…I’ve gotta say some of those matchups were hard!


Okay…so it took a day.

I should probably capture some screen shots, but this bracketing system really made no sense.  When we started out, it was in groups:  The Oceanic 815 Survivors, “Rescuers” and Deceased Oceanic Survivors*, The Others/Dharma and Other Crucial Players**

So we got matchups like:  Sun vs. Jin, Ethan vs. Goodwin or Aaron vs. Vincent.

That’s right.  The Washington Post pitted the baby against the damn dog.  Now, I’m not a kid person or a dog person, but at least the dog has be integral to the story.  The baby…whatever.


It was hard..I mean how the hell do you choose between Sawyer and Hurley?  Why didn’t they do match ups like Patchy vs. Libby or Miles vs. Paolo?

At any rate, after the March 11th matchups, there were cries of foul.  People in the comment section were mad that some characters were getting more votes.

Im done here it’s clear that somebody is cheating a bigg time on the Jack vs Sayid and Kate vs Sawyer poll, Jack got like 700 votes in 20 minutes and Kate like 2000 votes in a two hours.
3/16/2008 4:38 AM EDT

I don’t think there’s “cheating” going on.  We tried to do the brackets and when we chose our characters, nothing happened.  Usually, there’s a total after each to let you know percentage-wise how many votes that character received.  So, we’d vote and nothing would happen.  If we went back later, we could vote again.  I don’t know if that means our votes counted twice, but that’s my view on this completely unimportant topic.

We learn the Final Four tomorrow (March 19th).  It looks like our match ups will be: Sayid vs. Charlie and Ben vs. Desmond.  Which is funny since there was a comment posted yesterday:

gadolfo wrote:
I predict the final two will be Sahid and Desmond. Cool, the ones who are together on the boat!!
3/17/2008 4:57 PM EDT
That is what it’s looking like, though I’m going to vote for Sayid and Ben.

*Does that even make sense? 

**This last group was bullshit since they added in “Kevin Johnson” before we knew who he was.