Sen. Clinton WH schedules released today

The National Archives have released Sen. Clinton’s schedules from when she was First Lady.  You can go to the National Archives and view them or you can view that at the Clinton Presidential Library’s website.

I’ve been scanning them and in haven’t looked at all the years.  The one thing that stands out is how much information has been redacted because it has been deemed “too personal and and invasion of privacy”.  The phone numbers, I understand.  But names of who she met with have been blocked out, reasons for the meeting have been blocked out, places for the meetings have been blocked out…you get the drift.  And most of the meetings were closed to the press anyway.  So you’ll see a lot of:

Private Meeting
Map Room

A.  Lot.

Another thing I noticed is that there’s a lot more redaction in their first term, than in the second term.  The second term seemed like Clinton was just getting interviewed and being given gifts, whereas the first term there’s a lot of policy stuff going on.  Clinton also did a grip of interviews, some of them even promoting her book.  The one biggest surprise for me is seeing names I had forgotten, remembering old scandals and drama and getting that yuck-feeling of not again, if Clinton becomes president.  On the upside, we eventually get the weather forecast for D.C.

So, that’s that for now.


4 thoughts on “Sen. Clinton WH schedules released today

  1. Well of course there is a lot of redaction. Otherwise, everyone would see that all those meetings were with relatively insignificant players, and that would expose her “experience” as none too substantial. Or I am being a bit too cynical? I pretty much doubt it. 😉


  2. I saw the same. I looked through the second term and found MANY interviews w/media, getting gifts, a few hospital visits, and that was about it…seems pretty First Lady-like….not too “commander-in-chief” like, to me.


  3. Agreed with you both…she claims her WH years as experience, takes credit for the few good things that came out of their first two terms, while begging off the more contentious and GOP-friendly policies. Then we see this are left with two options:

    1. She was just a First Lady and her schedule proves that she does not have the experience she claims.

    2. Her schedule’s a farce and items of merit have been left off because she lacked the clearance to legally have these discussions.

    Either way, she’s gotta put more proof in the pudding, because this doesn’t help her claims one bit.


  4. Dang! I keep better records than this. This looks like something a salesman would keep to prove to the IRS where they traveled.

    Just heard Richardson backing Obama. Now if only Edwards would follow suite.


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