This morning, I was clicking through YouTube videos and wound up on some songs from The Wiz. I noticed in the sidebar “THE WIZ Sims 2 Full Movie” and clicked on the most delightful thing I’ve found on YouTube in ages. Someone actually use Sims 2 to recreated the entire movie. It’s inspired, spot on and hilarious all at once.

There are so many things in the movie that just can’t be duplicated in the game engine, so our director took some amazing liberties (Flashes of lights instead of bolts of fabric? Awesome!). Then you’re floored by wonderful imitations of the yellow brick road, the first time you’re introduced to “Ease On Down” or even the Tin Man’s backup singers.

If you’re on this site, you’re clearly bored, so I suggest you check it out. Just warning: Watching will make you want to play the Sims and rewatch The Wiz.


The Wiz Movie in Sims 2 Form

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  1. Hi, I would like to stop and say thank you. I really appreciate the fact that you took the time to write about my film. I reread your post at least 4 times and each time it makes smile even more. Thanks and God bless.


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