#NaBloPoMo and #NaNoWriMo Are Upon Us

November 1, users in two of the biggest internet hashtag things that everyone can participate in, if they’d like. I did my first #NaBloPoMo 6 years ago. I met some amazing writers, most of whom have gone on to publish books and work at magazines and nationally recognized media outlets. For various reason–theft–I stopped writing publicly. I do often microblog in some places and use video in others.

This year, I’ve convinced, well…told my kids they’re participating on their own blogs. I just completed a refresher course with my 8yo on how to use the iPod and computer to post to his site. He seems a little excited and already has some ideas on what he wants to write about. I think it’s good for them because they’ll learn to type better on 2 formats and hopefully learn a little about the backend of their sites.

I am participating in both events. You’ll see my #NaBloPoMo stuff here, while my #NaNoWriMo stuff will be posted on a different blog. So, good luck on everyone participating in either event.