Currently Viewing: Winter Kdramas

The end of year award shows are over and it’s time to play catch up on some dramas. Right now, I’m watching the following:

  • Pinocchio
  • The King’s Face
  • Legendary Witch

I guess this is it. That’s rather shocking for me, but I’ve been quite busy, I suppose. I did start watching ‘Secret Door’ and ‘Birth of a Beauty’, but neither quite grabbed me. I suppose I’ll watch those when I have downtime.

As for variety, I also started watching ‘Abnormal Summit’ and ‘Human Condition’ from the beginning. The second season of Hitmaker is also on the menu. I’ll be finished with ‘I Am A Man’ when the subs come in for the last show.

Dramas I just finished were ‘Mr. Baek’, ‘Modern Farmer’ and ‘Misaeng’. I highly suggest watching ‘Misaeng’. The changes from the webtoon didn’t harm the story at all. It was beautifully shot, scripted and acted. Just a fine job by everyone.