Rookie Group JJCC Uses ALL the Rap Styles in One Song

Jackie Chan’s boy group, JJCC has released a new song ‘Fire’ and it’s…everything. Literally.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard 5 different rap styles in one song before and heaven knows G-Dragon has tried it. The song could be a really great pop tune, but the falsetto breakdown really kills it. If it happened only once, it wouldn’t be so bad, but 3 times really drags down the song which is already under three minutes long. Who knows? It may grow on me. I do enjoy the ‘Lalala lala lala’ part for I am fond of shaking my booty.

The video is exactly what we’ve come to expect from kpop MVs, with one exception: b-girls. I haven’t seen every Korean MV out there, but women popping is something I don’t think I’ve ever seen. I also wondered if the girls they battled with are an upcoming girl group. Was that their mini debut? As for the rest of the video, the clothing was alright, but the hairstyles have got to go. It seems a lot of effort was put into making these kids look like doppelgangers of higher profile idols.

One small thing that’s causing commotion is the dance & chorus. My first thought was that it sounded AND looked like 2PM’s recent MV for 미친거 아니야? (GO CRAZY!)That’s not to say the dance is original to 2PM (I’m 42 & black, so I know it’s hella old), but paired up with a similar sounding chorus it was a bit confusing at first. Needless to say, the fan girl twits are already out in force fighting over this.