Volunteer Gardening


Volunteer Veggies

I didn’t plant my fall/winter  garden because of heat, but now I have all pf this. Ignoring the weeds, it’s a lot of stuff.

The 3 tomato plants are really surprising because I don’t remember planting tomatoes last year. I wonder if they’ll accept transplanting to pots for the moment, since they’re in inconvient spots.


Lettuce, tomatoes and…radish?

I also noticed the volunteer sunflowers from last year dumped a lot more seeds than I realized. I can’t wait for those to grow more.


Volunteer Sunflower Seedlings

And my nasturtium forest has revived just in time for spring salads. This year, I’ll definitely snip some leaves to save for the hotter months.


Nasturtium Carpet

In the meantime,  I’m still trying to work out what I’ll grow. I want to refine my hand with some cole crops and plant different varieties of other vegetables.