#TBT: Jamaica

Climbing the falls

We took our honeymoon trip in 2001–two years after we got married–to Jamaica. This is our 2nd (maybe 3rd) day in Montego Bay. We stayed at Couples Resort, so we took a tour bus with other residents to Dunn’s River Falls. In hindsight, that was a terrible idea on both fronts. The Canadians were so loud and shamefully stupid, followed by the Germans who were just loud and drunk.

We sat in the back of the bus with 2 older couples from England. They were nice, quiet and hilarious (mostly because they were mocking the Canadians and Germans). They lost all their charm the moment we stepped off the bus. My husband indicated that I look behind me. I saw the two 2 pudgy, pale men had removed their shorts to show off their Speedos. Nearly 14 years later and that image is still burned into my head.

 photo jsc-thumbsdown_zps16aac171.gif

The falls, the beach…what a beautiful place! It provided a much welcome respite from the grody humidity. Though the climbing was actually not a lot of fun. There were too many tourists and they weren’t the most exciting crowd to be around. Our tour guide wanted us to hold hands as we climbed, but touching sweaty hands of strangers is not my scene.

When we came down the falls, there were activities on the beach; kids were selling snacks and drinks, games, music…so much going on all at once. I still marvel at it, but this where my husband lost his water shoes in the bathroom. I don’t even know how that’s possible. I still have my water shoes, though I’m pretty sure I haven’t used them sense. It just dawned on me I should probably use them at the beach or the pool.