Couple Workouts? Whatever

Initially, I had a partially written post about couple workouts. I thought it would be a good tie-in with how people do weight-loss resolutions and ease into the horror that is the Valentine’s Day season. As I wrote, I got increasingly uncomfortable with it. To be honest, the workouts I saw are just gross. I’m saying this as someone who has married for 15 years. I know my husband’s hygiene and yeah…I’ll pass.

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My husband would drop me if we tried this.

I don’t enjoy going to the gym because of sweat. Other people don’t wipe down machines and they stare at me when I break out my wipes and towels to disinfect their nasties. Then there’s my sweat. I sweat profusely and often for no reason. When I do, say, just 30 minutes of low-intensity yoga, I end up looking like I ran 10 miles in as many minutes. Nasty. The suggested couple exercises often have one person on top of the other and then I get the heebie-jeebies just thinking of his sweat dropping on me. 

If we’re going to be real about it, most couple workouts you find in fitness articles are not for couples who need to lose weight or get fit. They’re for a stereotypical couple (tall partner with a smaller partner) who are already at a certain fitness level. The idea of my husband doing a weighted sit-up sends me into fits of laughter. He’d be a pancake before he got to do one sit-up. If he didn’t drop me on my head in an attempt of the exercise on the right, we’d both die at me trying to do a sit-up in that position.

If you enjoy that sort of thing, go for it. There are lots of excellent articles and videos online that show you “steamy” workouts. I think that you can workout with your significant other without killing each other or swapping body fluids. Some exercises my husband and I have done together:

Tennis. If you’re at equal playing ability, three sets is a good workout. Especially if you win. Be sure to finish it off with a shaved ice drink you can share.

Running/Jogging. One person can be the pacesetter and you can run comfortably. We used to do little races, running from point A to point B. You can make side bets like who’ll make dinner that night or clean the bathroom.

Dancing. We both love music and dancing while going through the stacks is a perfect way to work up a sweat and be entertained at the same time. Teaching my husband how to do certain dances was great fun, even if he never remembers the steps again.

Hiking. Since we’re both photographers, this is a long-form exercise for use. I love all the nature Los Angeles has to offer and I’m still astounded by all the places he hasn’t been. We talk a long walk and have a little photo competition afterwards.

Swimming. We grab a lane and do laps with each other. The upside is that it keeps me honest and in the pool longer. Instead of just giving up because I’m tired, we swim the entire allotted time.

I’d suggest wrestling, but we did that once and I bruised my husband’s ribs body-slamming him which meant I had to take out the trash for three unbearable weeks. No thanks. I’ll protect his body so he can continue taking out the trash. Aren’t I a sweetheart?

The point is, you don’t have to make everything sexy-time. There are myriad ways to get fit and workout together.