#TBT: Pretty Little Things

Water Series Eyeglass Holder

Water Series Eyeglass Holder

Did you know I used to make jewelry? Actually, I only stopped since moving to our current abode, but I still consider myself a jewelry maker. I first got into this in high school. I took a class where we made items with silver, brass and copper. Oh man, what fun! I still have some of my rings I made way back in ’87. A few years later, I stumbled across a bead shop and was hooked.

Throughout the years, I’ve made jewelry for myself, but it wasn’t until 2004 that I decided to sell it online. I had a good run. When we lived in Hollywood, we are more social and went out more, so that meant people curious about what I was wearing generated customers. I also sold via consignment and even had (well, I still have) an Etsy store. I love making necklace, bracelet, earrings sets. Headbands, barrettes and combs are popular with the auntie crowd. Custom work is my absolute favorite, especially when the customer gives me full reign on designs and stones used.  (See some of my old work here.)


Here’s an interesting thing: Not one single friend or family member has ever bought anything from me. To be sure, “friends” have never had a problem asking me to make them things, but they’ve always balked at the idea of paying for them. Is that just tacky?

Right before we moved house, I bought a bunch of beads and stones. I had a great plans for them. Since this house doesn’t have a space for me to work, I just never got around to making items. Then I lost my domain due to my hosting company and everything just snowballed from there. Recently, I was flipping through my journals and found some design ideas I had sketched out. The itch is back and it’s bad.

My new goal is to clear out and organize the garage so that I can work in there. In our last house, I had a basement workspace, and–when it wasn’t flooded–it was a great spot to focus on making my ideas come to life. It’ll take some time to clean out the garage though, but hopefully I can get it done and a new site up and running by April.

Wish me luck!