30-Day Fitness Challenge With the Kids

On Sunday night, my daughter told me that her P.E. teacher doesn’t allow the girls to do modified push-ups. While I hate push-ups, I think this is one thing I can overlook. Modified push-ups aren’t exactly good on the knees and we all know we cheat a little while doing them. Well…at least I do. A lot.

English: an exercise of chest

English: an exercise of chest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This got me thinking about how way back in October, I set up alerts in my calendar to workout and everyday I dismiss them in favor of sleeping or eating. In short, I’m not motivated. I know I need to get more fit. I know I need to lose more fat, but being in constant pain pushes working out to the back of my mind. I did a quick calculation and realized that had I stuck to my plans and avoided certain foods, I probably would’ve lost close to 65 lbs. by now, instead of the 10 that I have so far.

I had considered getting the kids involved in my exercise routine again. Before they started school and extracurricular activities, they used to be my pacers when I did my jogging for races. We used to go on nature hikes 2 – 3 times a week, swim, play tennis and do other activities. I think back to the last six months of Saturdays when I rushed home after dropping my kid off at Cal State LA, instead of running the campus as I had planned. I think back to the last six months when I decided against going swimming because I didn’t want my hair to stay wet for days or want to shave my legs.

Last week, I installed a fitness tracker on the kids phones and they were so excited. They liked all the features and they made getting their steps in a little race between themselves. My son was so upset yesterday when he realized he forgot to turn on the tracker after we had been walking for 2 hours. Seeing that I think they would really get a kick out of doing a 30-Day Fitness Challenge.

I plan to use this Challenge I found on About.com. It looks like fun and I can choose my own activities. I just need to remind myself not to get wrapped up in my options. I use MapMyFitness and you can find me on there via Twitter with @MoveThatBooty. Of course, I’m going to use Skimble to shake up my routine (you can follow me there). I really enjoy the workouts on there. Of course, one thing I’ll be doing is learning kpop dance moves and hopefully, I can get back into flamenco and tennis if my plantar fasciitis acts nice.

See you on May 27th to see how this 30-Day Challenge worked out. Wish me luck!