Container Gardening at The Brewery

The Brewery is one of those reclaimed spaces given over to lofts. As the names says, it used to be a brewery and almost 35  years ago, it was renovated and now is an artists complex–in fact, the world’s largest artist’s residence. The site sits next to a freeway, trainyard and parcel distribution center. Needless to say, the ground isn’t in the best shape to grow anything.

Most of the places have patios and those are full of great container gardening. There are a lot of succulents and cactus, to be sure, but these artists have also created whimsical planters and amazing trellises to grow fruits and vegetables. There are a few Master Gardeners on site and their spaces are pretty amazing, too. Below are just a few of the plants we saw at the most recent event at The Brewery.

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Farm Life in South Korea Seems Interesting

Last night, I was watching The Human Condition (인간의 조건) a South Korean variety show where the cast members are given a mission regarding life such as living without something or eating healthier. The episode I watched was the summer special which featured both the male and female casts. On this particular episode, they visited a farming village. (Watch Volunteer Farm WorkPart 1 and Part 2)

If you’ve watched Korean variety shows, you’ll know that visiting the farming village is fairly common among them. The first show to introduce me to Korean farming life was Family Outing. On that show, the cast members spent 2 days at a residence in a farming village. They played games to determine what farming chore would go to which team/member. Continue reading

World Floral Expo is Coming Soon & I Want To Be There

The World Floral Expo is in March 2015 and it’s happening right in my backyard! A little hyperbolic, but it’s a short train ride away from me, so I’m very excited about this. Just the idea of having flower growers from all over the world in my city is making me giddy. One of my biggest joys is going the Flower District in DTLA (or this one) and just taking in all the sights, talking to the vendors and learning. Always learning.

As a child in Kansas City, I used to love going to the flower mart with my grandmother. I visit the Flower District here in Los Angeles sometimes to buy, sometimes to people watch. The vendors are so friendly and helpful. As a home gardener, I’ve received tips on the flowers I grow, from seed to the vase. One thing I love the most is that you can hear dozens upon dozens of different languages, but the expressions on people’s faces are always the same: Smiles and sheer delight.

As I work on building up the Start With a Seed site and store, I’m posting things here and writing articles for future use. What a great opportunity it would be to be able to meet actual growers!

Garden Roundup: Winter Planting & Plant ID Needed

I spent the past two days cleaning out weeds and pruning dead matter from plants. Today, I finally got around to planting some items. Before listing them, let me tell you how happy I am for organizing my seeds into a gardening folder. Having everything labeled inside its little pouch made it so much easier to find items.  Last week, I planted oregano, tarragon, marjoram and thyme seeds and will plant out more again next week. Today I planted flats of seeds of:

  • shiso
  • chives
  • scallions
  • spinach
  • tomato
  • dill

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