30-Day Fitness Challenge With the Kids

On Sunday night, my daughter told me that her P.E. teacher doesn’t allow the girls to do modified push-ups. While I hate push-ups, I think this is one thing I can overlook. Modified push-ups aren’t exactly good on the knees and we all know we cheat a little while doing them. Well…at least I do. A lot.

English: an exercise of chest

English: an exercise of chest (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This got me thinking about how way back in October, I set up alerts in my calendar to workout and everyday I dismiss them in favor of sleeping or eating. In short, I’m not motivated. I know I need to get more fit. I know I need to lose more fat, but being in constant pain pushes working out to the back of my mind. I did a quick calculation and realized that had I stuck to my plans and avoided certain foods, I probably would’ve lost close to 65 lbs. by now, instead of the 10 that I have so far.

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In Appreciation of Han Gong Joo in ‘Angry Mom’

Red Queen

Red Queen

In kdramas, we’re often introduced to characters who seem completely flat or altogether too real. This is more noticeable when it comes to the 2nd leads and their personalities are flattened to the point of being almost a caricature of a human. In Angry Mom, a 16 episode drama currently airing on MBC, we have Han Gong Joo who seems to hold all of these features at the same time. (Watch Angry Mom with English subtitles.)

Go Soo Hee gives Gong Joo depth as a comedic sidekick and gravitas as a caring human being looking out for her friend. Ms. Go has an uncanny knack for this as seen in her role as Kim Jang Mi in Sunny.

Angry Mom is a story about Jo Kang Ja who finds out her daughter is being bullied at her prestigious high school. After finding her daughter collapsed on the street, bruised and bloodied, Kang Ja decides to enroll in the school herself to take on the bullies. To get the correct paperwork in order, she visits her old friend Han Gong Joo who runs an adult nightclub. At this point, we learn than Kang Ja isn’t the average kdrama mom. This is a mom with a criminal past. A lady who was considered ‘iljin‘ in her teen years, a term, I’ll define loosely as a ‘thug’. Continue reading