ELECTION ’08: What I learned at the Democratic debates

  • Wolf Blitzer is the biggest idiot ever.
  • Clinton refused to answer questions on Iraq, her vote and her willingness to disengage from the illegal war.
  • Obama hit hard, but nicely on every topic; healthcare, immigration, character, Iraq…
  • Obama was pretty funny tonight, especially in hitting the GOP.
  • Both of them did well in emphasizing Democratic unity and slamming the GOP.
  • Clinton kept bringing up the 90s and all she did while in the WH.
  • Obama promised more transparency in gov’t.

ELECTION ’08: Democratic Debates

Very nice so far.  Obama has finally gotten his debate groove going on…on the last debate.  Clinton doesn’t know if she’s running for herself or her 3rd term.  If she wants to run on her record, then fine, but don’t bring up the WH years and  expect us to be on board for a 3rd term.


Wolf Blitzer is a fucking moron.  He’s done nothing this entire debate but try to start a fight between the two candidates.  Idiot.

ELECTION ’08: Obama rally in Los Angeles

You know how the final Democratic debates are tonight, here in Los Angeles, not far from where I live? I had planned on going. Unfortunately, I can’t take the car because Mr. Fab has to meet a client. So, my plan was to take the kids on the bus/train to Hollywood. They would have loved that. I tried to get them to take a nap, so that I wouldn’t be fighting with cranky kids, but that didn’t work. They just went to sleep 30 min. ago, so I’ve been whining ever since.

But Dave Markland of Metroblogging LA is there to liveblog the debates. His has photos of the Obama rally just getting started.  For more pictures visit Markland’s flickr page.