A vote for women bloggers

You know it’s Women’s History Month right? No matter if you were born with ovaries or got resleeved, this month is for you. Poke around your local women’s groups or check your email and I’m sure that you’ve received invitation after invitation to hear various women speak on various issues.

March always makes me glad to be a woman in LA. I have invitations to hear Latinas speak on economics and female empowerment, a couple of my transgender friends are giving speeches on books they’ve written. Famous women from around the world drop into LA colleges, bookstores and libraries to gives talks on femaleness.

Yet, while I know how lucky I am, there are women out there who don’t have the time or inclination to get involved. They don’t see themselves as part of this group. They call themselves ‘soccer moms’ or whatever label the media adopted from whatever political group. They don’t see Women’s History Month as relevant in their lives. Some of these women are bloggers. Despite the fact that they’d probably do anything to get out of attending a dyke panel on Organic Living for Your Urban Family (March 18th!), they more than likely have a lot in common with the women attending.

These SheBloggers quietly tap away at their keyboards sharing slivers of their lives online. Some of them focus solely on their family. Many of them blog as a way to deal with those little wrenches life tosses us, whether it’s a sick child, being a working mom or dealing with a divorce, they add their voices to the Women’s Experience. Sometimes, you read one of these women and you want everyone to know about her.

I’ve had this badge on my site for almost a week now. This is your chance to vote for your favorite female blogger. Women Voices, Women Vote is doing this to make women’s voices heard. Voting has been going on all month and the last day to nominate your favorite female blogger is March 21st. After that, you’ll be able to vote for the finalist among the top 10.

It’s time that women’s voices get heard in the blogosphere.