Why the Clinton’s racist tactics shouldn’t work

The Clinton’s have spent the last few weeks of their 3rd term campaign, spreading the incredibly false meme that Latinos and blacks don’t get along. Actually, they paint Latinos as racists and say that Latinos won’t ever vote for black people. This is obviously untrue, when you look at sections of LA where Latinos are the majority, yet the Congressional representative is black.

Honestly, the first time I heard the Clinton’s mention that Latinos won’t for a black candidate, I was positive that someone would call them on that lie. It was astounding to me that the MSM would allow this presidential candidate team to paint a whole section of America as a racist group. Not only did they not call the Clinton’s out on this lie, but repeated it like it was a fact.

So, it was more than interesting to read Gregory Rodriguez’ wonderful article in the LA Times this morning. In the article, Rodriguez calls out the Clinton’s on their willful divisiveness in these matters of race:

If a Hillary Clinton campaign official told a reporter that white voters never support black candidates, would the media have swallowed the message whole? What if a campaign pollster began whispering that Jews don’t have an “affinity” for African American politicians? Would the pundits have accepted the premise unquestioningly?


The spin worked. For the last several weeks, it’s been on the airwaves (Tucker Carlson, “Hardball,” NPR), generally tossed off as if it were conventional wisdom. And it has shown up in sources as far afield as Agence France-Presse and the London Daily Telegraph, which wrote about a “voting bloc traditionally reluctant to support black candidates.”


But was Bendixen’s blanket statement true? Far from it, and the evidence is overwhelming enough to make you wonder why in the world the Clinton campaign would want to portray Latino voters as too unrelentingly racist to vote for Barack Obama.

Yeah. Makes you wonder. Rodgriuez goes on to tell us what those of who actually interact with black and Latinos already know: The Clinton’s are full of crap.

Look, just like black people can’t be represented by one or two people, neither can Latinos. I grew up around a lot of Latinos who were die-hard Republicans. Then I moved to an area where most of the Latinos were activist Democrats. It is insulting that the Clinton’s campaign tries to paint Latinos as racist voters. We can only hope that the pundits who regurgitate this lie will be able to call the Clinton’s on it the next time they spout it.