Dirty thoughts

I visited MSNBC and found this image from Meet the Press which disturbed me was that at first I thought Ms. Mary is giving her husband the business under the table.


Press the Meat, indeed.


Carville not joining Clinton

Political Radar (an ABC News blog) is reporting that old Democrat throwback, James Carville, is not joining the Clinton campaign.

There was talk today that perhaps the Clintons would turn to old friends like James Carville and Paul Begala for help.

However Carville told ABC News from Houston by telephone that he hasn’t been tapped.

“I am not joining the campaign,” Carville said, “I have had no discussions with them about that.”

What we’re not told is that even while Carville is on-air, supposedly as an objective pundit, he has written letters of support for Clinton, donated money to her campaign and is already an advisor to the campaign.